How We Do It

  • STEP 01

    An order (closing) is placed on-line by client (title agent/lender/builder etc).

  • STEP 02

    Skye Closings contacts notaries and assigns from our nationwide notary database.

  • STEP 03

    Once the Notary has accepted the closing and assigned in the system, automatic email notifications are sent to the client and notary.

  • STEP 04

    The notary will contact the customer to confirm the time, place and requirements of the closing.

  • STEP 05

    Once closing package is prepared and ready for deliver they are uploaded into the system by the client (title agent/lender/builder etc.)

  • STEP 06

    Notary receives email and mobile text notification.

  • STEP 07

    Notary prints closing instructions and documonts and will meet with the customer to go over the documents and have the documents executed.

  • STEP 08

    Executed documents are shipped and returned to your spocified destination.

  • STEP 09

    Notary closes out assignment, provides tracking number and comments on closing via web.

  • STEP 10

    System will send all parties an email "Confirmation" upon completion of the signing.